World SkiErg Sprints - November 2015

With a team assembled from around the world we were ready to ski...

SkiErg Sprints

The 7th Annual SkiErg World Sprints were held November 6–8, 2015

This 1000-meter race allowed us to compare our times against others worldwide in a one-weekend showdown of speed. This event was primarily used to see how we stacked up against other SkiErg users around the world.

How it works: Race 1000 meters on the SkiErg at your club, gym or box on November 6–8, 2015. Post your time to the Concept2 logbook by 5 p.m. ET Monday, November 9, 2015.

Concept 2 HQ

White Noise Gym Team Results – We dominate the world from Staines Upon Thames!!

1st Female United Kingdom
2nd Male United Kingdom
1st Female Venezuela
1st Male Italy
1st Female Spain
1st Male Syria
1st Female Romania

More records will tumble! We are unstoppable!!

White Noise Gym

SkiErg Sprints

SkiErg Heaven - SkiErg Hell

So much pleasure yet soon much pain