30112013 WOD

Villain Challenge 3 by Johnny Pain

“Front Leaning Rest Position….MOVE!”

OK guys and gals here we go with this, the third in our series of challenges.

This one is a special one to me. During my time in the Army, I was subject (like everyone else) to APFT testing. This test includes the pushup, the situp, and the two mile run, with the first two being done in a max reps for two minutes fashion. The standards are clearly spelled out, and there is a chart that determines a soldier’s score based on their performance (repetitions on the PU’s and SU’s, and time on the run).

At the time that I served, a passing score of 60% in the pushup required one to perform 42 pushups in two minutes (in the appropriate age category which was 17-21 at the time for me). A maximum score of 100 meant knocking out 71 good ones in the two minute period.

Being that I was never good at pushups before my service, I remember thinking I was hot shit the first time I got 50, and even a bigger bad ass when I was approaching a score of 100, completing between 62-67 each test throughout some of my earlier schools. However, once I arrived at one particular unit, I was quickly humbled and shown how inferior I was to those around me when it came to pushup prowess. All of the sudden 71 meant dick. If you could not do at least 100 in the two minutes you were a pussy, plane and simple. There just was no room for excuses, everyone was expected to do it, and more could than couldn’t. I thought that it would be impossible, but just a few short months later I did it in a test for the first time. From that point on I had little trouble repeating the task whenever it was asked of me.

This is a clear example of the “glass ceiling” idea that I frequently talk about. I had preconceived boundaries that I was unable to get past because I didn’t think it could be done. There is much to be said for someone “humanizing” the task at hand for you, showing you that it can be done. The maximum became the minimum, and the minimum wasn’t an option.

So here it is, Villain Challenge #3, 100 pushups in Two minutes (60 for women) performed to APFT standards:

-Body moves as a straight, solid unit.

-Descend until upper arm is at least parallel to the ground

-Removing of the hands or feet from the ground results in a termination of the test

-Resting any part of your body on the ground is not allowed.

The body is lowered as a unit until the upper arm is at least parallel to the ground.

An acceptable rest position IS FLR (the body is not touching the ground)…

Just don’t rest too long, the clock is ticking.

Ok, so how are we gonna train for this one? Pushups, pushups, and more pushups. Do them frequently in sets that never reach failure. Set a goal number for the week, and get it done. Make them part of your routine. Before the shower, each time you go to the garage or basement, a set before bed, and a set upon waking. However you do it, just do it. Knock ‘em out.