The Challenge for March is 300FY

Max calories in 10 minutes on the Airdyne.

The premise is simple: climb aboard the Airdyne (input weight in lbs) and with the timer set to 10:00 amass as many calories as you can. There is a catch however. ‘God Tier’ status is achieved by getting to 300 calories; which is a whopping thirty calories per minute.

Each outing at the bike should put you in a position of wanting to best your previous personal record so there is no slacking. This is for MAX calories, not just ‘a lot.’ You’ll have to find your pace, then stick with it and ride it out until the clock expires.Your quads will become lactic, your brain will beg you to ease up, and the last three minutes will be the longest of your life.

Pro-tip: if a doctor gives you ten minutes to live, climb on an Airdyne and your remaining time on earth will be an eternity. The ‘FY’ in the name hints as to how you will express your feelings towards me upon seeing this programmed.