22032015 WOD

1) Work up sensibly to a 3 to 5 rep Rack Pull (partial deadlift). Set the bar in the power cage so it is below knee level. If your feel like it you can put on up to 20% more than you’re existing 3 to 5 rep max deadlift. Generally don’t go any heavier than 20% as you form may start to become different from your normal deadlift and we are trying to mimic what you normally do to get you used to pulling more weight. It’s a mind game (that you’re going to win)… and a grip game (that you’ll crush). Form should be spot on. Control the bar down.

2) 3 x 10 (each leg) Barbell Step-up on to 20″ Box. Back rack the barbell and perform step ups. If this is too difficult hold KB’s, DB’s or weight plates. Just try to make sure your tummy is tight so your body isn’t buckling when you’re stepping up. Alternatively make a lower step from a stack of weight plates or a fallen comrade and use this/her.

2b) 3 x 8 Reverse Hyper. Squeeze glutes at the top of the movement so you don’t hyperextend. Start light and get use to using this machine, then go for your 3 x 8. It’s going to make you strong so learn to love it.

3) Work up to a heavy 1 x 20 Double KB Swing. One KB in each hand, swing to eye level. As heavy as possible, but if you’re coming not your toes (and feeling off balance) you’ve gone too heavy. Start at 9kg, then 12kg, then 16kg etc… Going up until your last heavy set

4) 3 x Core – 10x Leg Raises, 20x AbMat Sit Ups, 10x Full Crunch (Legs and arms up and in so butt is just on floor) Does that make sense?! 20x Medball Twist & Taps (Another brilliant description!?)