20112013 WOD

Villain Challenge 2

Here’s what we’re shooting for: being able to squat your bodyweight for 50 consecutive reps. So if you weigh 100KG (God help you) you have to put 100KG on the bar and go up and down 50 times.

First, let me explain that we aren’t doing half squats here. Get that upper thigh below parallel and lock out at the top. Watch Tom Platz on YouTube for reference. You can use a belt if you want, but try to stay away from wraps and suits unless you have injuries and can’t squat without them. The idea is that you can walk into the gym put the weight on and get it done. Sort of like if somebody said you were full of crap about squatting your bodyweight 50 times and you got pissed and grabbed your belt and went crazy. It will most likely be harder for heavier guys, but so what? Do it anyway.

Below is a sample program written by ‘Steel’ to tackle this nasty challenge. Obviously the numbers can be adjusted to fit where you are in terms of strength. The workouts described would be plugged into your week in lieu of one of your squatting sessions in preparation for the challenge. Steel also adds that you can take as much rest as needed in between sets, but that you should try to keep it under 5 minutes.

Week 1

2×20 60% of BWT

Week 2

3×20 60% of BWT

Week 3

4×20 60% of BWT

Week 4

5×20 60% of BWT

Week 5