10052015 WOD

Part One
200m Duck Walk. Carry a heavy KB, 70kg to 40kg for this time. Every time you put the KB down five burpees. The two slowest finishers 20 burpees each.

Part Two
200m Partner Farmers Walk. As a pair a heavy farmers walk for time. Carry the weight as far as you can then let your partner take over as you rest. Take it in turns as many times as required to complete the 200m.

Part Three
Team Tyre Flip Race 60m. In a team of four take turns to flip the big tyres as quickly as possible to beat the other team. Losing team twenty burpees each. Repeat.

Part Four
Team Atlas Stone Lift. As a team of four lift a total of 1200kg of Atlas Stones to shoulder from a selection of Atlas Stones weighing from 20kg to 70kg for time.