09052015 WOD

Warm up.

Do the SMR and mobilisation exercises on the white board.

1a) Box Jump- 3 x 5 – 60s rest – Just five jumps per set and step down. Go higher than normal by building up into the set. Don’t settle for 20″ rarely is the 30″ side used. The pylo-box has three sides and can be raised up on plates. Push yourselves.

1b) 1 Arm Dumbbell Hang Power Snatch- 3 x 6 – 60s rest – Shrug hard and go heavy.

2b) Chin/Pull Up- 5 x 3 – 60s rest – Try to go body weight with this (No bands). Increase rest period if required to facilitate this. Parallel or palms facing inward is usually easier, so do it. If you can’t do one PU jump into position. Then pause three seconds at the top and take four seconds on the negative then repeat. 4-1-X-3

2a) Wide Stance Back Squat- 3 x 10
2b) Dimmel Deadlift- 2 x 10
2c) Rest 120

4a) Handstand Hold- 3 x 30-60s – 60s rest
4b) Press Ups- 3 x AMRAP – 60s rest

5) Core. Each of you choose one core exercise. Think front, sides, rear and isometric exercises. (IE Sit-ups, Db side bends, Reverse Hyper, L-Sit Hold) Try to think of something unusual, or just use the suggested!. Set timer for 30s work 15s transition. Three rounds. GO!