Starting Strength Programme

Professionally coached strength training classes

Starting Strength Programme

The aim of the Starting Strength programme is to teach you the basic and fundemental lifts for training strength. The skills you learn can then be used in this gym or any other gym and will set you up for a life of strength training and fitness.

The core movements aka ‘The Big Lifts’ you will learn are:

Bench Press

And many variants and assistance exercises for the ‘big lifts’ above.

Learn Correct Form & Movement.

We will take time to explain how to perform each lift, the benefits or the lift and the muscle groups it works. Every class will be taken by a level 3 personal trainer with free weight experience and good knowledge and working practise in the gym.

A typical class will consist of the following:

Overview of class programme & questions
Warm up
Demonstration of skill/s
Coached session
Record of progress
Cool down/stretch

At White Noise Gym we pride ourselves on the quality of the movements we teach during the coached sessions (classes). The programmes we run are all tried and tested with our members and hundreds of thousands of athletes around the world.

Our strength training programme is based on the great powerlifting & strength training programmes such as; Starting Strength, Stronglifts, 531, The Cube & Westside Barbells Conjugate System.

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