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The best SUP hire in Surrey on the River Thames

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Stand Up Paddle Boarding Hire


SUP rental in Staines

White Noise Gym is situated on the River Thames in Staines-upon-Thames. You can hire paddles boards by the hour and have some amazing open river and pubs you can reach on a nice paddleboard down through the Runnymede, Staines, Windsor, Chertsey and Laleham rivers.


Paddleboard Rental River Thames

We use Red Paddle Co boards and have 10′ and 9′ boards for you to use as well as paddles as life jackets and water proof mobile phone cases. Paddleboarding hire in Staines, Surrey is easy and cheap at our club. Paddle Boarding is a  peaceful and fun way to explore the Thames on you own or with friends and family. White Noise Gym is like no other gym


Stand Up Paddle Board Rental Staines Surrey

Stand Up Paddle Boarding roots can be found in the beach based board sports but historically its ancient beginnings can be traced back to Hawaii where it was known as Hoe he’e nalu. It became more popular in modern times when surf instructors and photographers started using SUP’s to gain higher vantage point water in the water.

Stand Up Paddleboarding is basically a surf style board that stood on and moved using a long paddle. It’s a cross between canoeing and surfing. Originally made popular by surfer Laird Hamilton who would paddle in the ocean to help him find towing waves Hawaii.

Now SUP Stand-up-paddling is done on flat water, on protected lakes, on beaches and on vast open water areas to surfing waves.

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“Great paddleboards, you have the best ones we’ve tried.”

“Great day out, the kids absolutely loved it. We will book again”

“The most fun and most rewarding training ever!…”