Powerlifting Workshop June 2016

One day intensive workshop in Staines-upon-Thames with Adam Pickles, European Champion Powerlifter

Powerlifting Workshop Bench Press Grrrl
Powerlifting Workshop

Powerlifting Workshop in Staines-Upon-Thames

Adam Pickles fresh from Australia where he currently resides was good enough to take time out of his busy schedule to visit White Noise Gym for a Powerlifting Workshop in Staines-upon-Thames.

Adam’s brief for the day was directed towards form, technique and breakdown in technique under load.

Basic structure of the day..

  1. Fundamentals of strength and outline of periodisation
  2. Squat, theory
  3. Squat, practical
  4. Bench, theory
  5. Bench, practical
  6. Deadlift, theory
  7. Deadlift, practical
  8. Overcoming plateaus and sticking points

It was a very informative and well delivered workshop in Staines and we definitely took away some great pointers, three being…

  1. Squat with your shoulders
  2. Bench with your legs
  3. Deadlift with your soul
White Noise Gym in Staines-upon-Thames

Powerlifting Workshop Bench Press
Powerlifting Workshop

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Squat with your shoulders – Bench with your legs – Deadlift with your soul

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