Obstacle Course Racing

OCR - A new team experience

Smoldering OCR Team White NoiseTeam White Noise jump the BBQ for the finále

Obstacle Course Racing – OCR

Endurance challenges tend to be great in theory but awful in practice. Marathons? Too boring. Triathlons? It’s a midlife crisis isn’t it?. IronMan? More like ghost like waif man…

For those who want to get their hearts pumping and waistlines shrinking, a far better idea is to turn to assault Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) more commonly known as assault courses, which manage to be devilishly difficult and fiendishly fun.

Obstacle Course Races are popping up all over the place, with a wide variety of races that caters for all fitness levels. The emphasis is on finishing rather than aiming for the best time, so you don’t need to be a super competitive gym junkie to take part. Many of the races also strongly encourage team entries, allowing entrants to draw on the support of their friends when the going gets tough (which it invariably does). We have completed Spartan, The Nuts Challenge, Adrenalin Rush, Judgment Day & many other courses.

Here at White Noise Staines we have tackled the muddiest, coldest, and scariest endurance obstacle course races and still make it back home in time for tea and biscuits.


She was once on Gladiators! Yes really :)Sitting on a lot of mud can be fun sometimes

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