The Deadlift Competition May 2016

The strongest men and women in surrey all meeting in one place

Deadlift Deano 230kg
Akil 245kg Deadlift
Deadlift Rich 200kg

It’s DEADLIFT TIME you MoFo’s…

Deadlifts are our passion… We gathered on the chalk strewn floor like a warrior clan, the guys muscular and veined carried a menacing look. No-one made eye contact just in-case one of those men just killed each other; the place was like a tinderbox ready to be ignited. The women crowded in too, they were all voluptuous, lean and beautiful, carrying well sculpted bodies they’d earned from years of training, looking like amazonian warriors from…… the Amazon… Someone pinch me now to snap my mind away from the sexual tension, or will that just make it worse….? FFS, just pinch me anyway and we’ll suffer the consequences together you temptress… And then the clock struck 10am, the day dream flittered away and…

It was time to lift. This band of sweating heathens were about to find out who the strongest man and woman is Staines-upon-Thames really was at this time in the morning.

The battle would be decided in four ways. We would see biggest lift male, biggest lift female and best lift *Wilks male, best lift *Wilks female. *Wilks is a formula that takes into consideration body weight, gender and weight lifted giving one winner across all body-weights for male and female.

And my god it was fantastic.

Biggest Lift Male – Akil 245kg

Biggest Lift Female – Jade 135kg

Best Lift Wilks Male – Akil 245kg

Best Lift Wilks Female – Emma 130kg

White Noise Gym

Jade Deadlift's 135kg
Deadlift Nic 130kg
Deadlift Emma 130kg

Fancy learning how to deadlift...

Lets get you lifting