Strongman Saturday

AKA Strongwoman Saturday depending on who exactly turns up...

Strongman Sunday Farmers WalkStrongwoman Sunday Yoke CarryStrongman Sunday Prowler RaceAtlas Stone to Shoulder

Strongman Saturday

We like to keep our trainee’s on their toes…. and on their knees gasping for breath with at Strongman Sunday’s in Staines, Surrey.

Strongman training is regarded as the ultimate in strength training. Don’t get me wrong, lifting weights in the gym is great but if you want to train for shear brute strength nothing touches strongman training. I make sure the training tempo and exercise selection is consistently varied, we do keep a core of exercises with other exercises and routines changing weekly.

You can expect to take part in the following exercises…

Prowler Pushes – The Prowler is one of the best ways to develop strength in your legs, hips and arms and make for a great atmosphere when used. Prowler Pushes can either loaded heavily for strength work or used with less weights as a strength endurance drill. Either way they make for a very demanding session.

Battling Ropes – There are several different ways to do the battling ropes- alternate, double arm, side to side, windmill, with a squat or reverse lunge between reps, etc. The benefit of this exercise is that it causes zero joint stress or soreness. This is great because of this it can be done frequently and on days between heavy training sessions without fear of it interfering with your size or strength gains. This is also great for anyone with any kind of knee or other lower body injury.

Strongman Farmers Walks – This is one of those conditioning drills that can also be a great strength exercise as well. Load it up heavy and it will increase your grip strength and build and iron core and stability in your lower body like nothing else. In the process it will also improve your conditioning.

Strongman Atlas Stones – Atlas Stones are a fundamental test of strength in many strongman competitions, and they have also become a staple among strength training enthusiasts who are looking for the ultimate strength workout. Stones literally tax everything from head to toe.

Strongman Tyre Flips – The strong man classic. The tire flip is a test of total body strength, flexibility, endurance, and explosiveness. Tyre flips give an excellent work out as any ‘strong man’ will tell you.

Strongman Yoke Carry – Ultimate test of strength 3x BWT is a GREAT carry. 4x BWT is top 1% in the world.

Strongman Axle Bar – Test of grip strength on traditional bar work, lovely to overhead press with. A favourite. Instead of losing muscle while doing cardio, you actually might gain it doing Strongman. Leaner and bigger at the same time. The only thing you have to lose is bodyfat.

Strongman LogStrongwoman Sunday Atlas StonesStrongman Sunday Yoke CarryAxle Clean

“The gym is kitted with unusual items of strength training gear, a gem of a find in you’re seriously into getting stronger…” 

“Excellent Strongman WOD sessions on weekly…”

“Always a great atmosphere at the sessions….very friendly and welcoming crowd.

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