CrossFit Open Gym AKA Privy Club

We have a massive selection of CrossFit, free weight & strongman equipment for use in Open Gym

Watson Power Rack & Reverse HyperWattbike ProSchwinn Airdyne

CrossFit Open Gym in Staines

At White Noise Gym we have lots of specialist gym equipment ideal for anyone who who serious about their training. We have equipment suitable for any CrossFit, Strongman (or Strongwoman) athlete. We have a nice array of Concept2 SkiERG’s and rowers plus Schwinn Airdynes that will help any budding athlete improve their cardiovascular fitness.

The gym is a free weight gym so has a massive array of dumbbells and barbells plus five stations for squats as the yokes double up as squatting racks if required. There’s so much variety with the equipment we have here you’ll be able to train for a lifetime and never get bored.

Open gym is only available to members of White Noise Gym or visiting members of other CrossFit Boxes. Our gym is open 24hrs a day, 365 days a year. Open gym is available outside of group session times and must be booked in advance via the app by reserving a session in Privy Club.

Privy Club is exclusive 24hrs a day 365 days a year CrossFit Open Gym in Staines-upon-Thames.

Some of the gym equipment available in open gym…

6m Bulldog Gear CrossFit Rig; Watson Power Rack; Band Lifting Platform; Strongman Yokes; Olympic Bars (male & female); Swiss Bar; Safety Squat Bar; Hexbar; EZ Curl Bar; Combo Bar; Renegade Bar; Olympic Technique Bar; Various Axle Bars; Atlas Stones 20kg to 70kg; Beer Kegs; Fat Gripz; Inversion Boots; Parellettes; Neck Harness; 2 x Schwinn Airdynes; 5 x Concept2 SkiERG’s; 2 x Concept2 Rowing Machines; Skipping Ropes; Dumbbells (5kg – 50kg); Kettlebells (3kg – 70kg); Resistance Bands; Rouge Abram GHD; Westside Barbell Reverse Hyper; Swiss Ball; Prowler2’s Power Sledges; Gym Hammers; Dynamax Medballs; Slam Balls; Pylo-Boxes; Big Tyres; Battling Ropes; Climbing Ropes; Farmers Walk Bars; Dip Bars; Dipping Harness; Lineline-USA Power Wheels; Jungle Gym XT Suspension Trainer; Olympic Rings; Rouge Mini-Sleds; Sandbags; Lots of weight plates inc fractional plates.

Quality equipment suppliers

We decided to use equipment supplied by well trusted manufacturers. The gym is kitted out by companies such as Watson Gym Equipment, Bulldog Gear, Dynamax, Concept2, Wattbike, Schwinn and Rogue.

Ultra Supreme Reverse HyperWatson Swiss BarAtlas Stones

Would you like to use ALL this kit?!

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