Competitors Sesh

CrossFit Staines Town Competition Squad

Staines CrossFit Competitors Sesh

This class is on Sunday’s at 10am and is for those people who want to enter CrossFit throwdowns and competitions.

You will be expected to have a certain skill set that can be learned in other classes to be able to take part in the sessions as they are not designed for the complete beginner.

The sessions will be programmed by OCM but collectively coached with everyone bringing their experience to the table for the greater good… destroying the competition when you meet them out there on the CrossFit Battlefields.

CrossFit Staines Town Competition Squad

The CrossFit Staines Town Competitors Sesh is an emotional two hour session of the most disgusting kind. Expect heavy weights, horrible cardio and refined technique under pressure and in a state of fatigue.

If you’d like to join in the CrossFit Staines Town Throwdown sessions please contact the box today and we’ll get you signed up for a membership.

CrossFit Staines Town; Stronger Together

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