Cash For Calories

A fundraising event for Stepgates Special Needs Unit in Chertsey

Ana on WattbikeBurning Calories for AutismWattbike, Concept2 Rower & Schwinn Airdyne

Cash for Calories Annual Fundraiser

We have Concept 2 Rowers, Concept2 SkiERGs, Schwinn Airdynes and Wattbikes. We can burn a lot of calories when a group of us uses the machines at the same time. In fact we can burn a frightening amount of calories, a terrifying amount of calories!!! And during our Halloween Fundraiser we did exactly that.

The objective of the day was to pay an entrance fee and challenge yourself to burn as many calories as possible in one hour. We also requested that you let as many people as you could know what we were doing, and hopefully they would sponsor us to burn some calories as well.

Well it worked. Isaac was born on 13/07/07 and our target for the day was £1307.07 which we raised by the end of the event. When we delivered the cash to Stepgates we were featured in their newsletter which can be viewed HERE.

Thank you so much everyone who sponsored us and everyone who took part.

Stepgates Community School Special Needs Unit

Stepgates Unit is a small special needs provision that is linked in with a mainstream school. I’m very familiar with it because my youngest son Isaac goes there. He has got Autism and the unit has been instrumental in helping him learn to talk and make sense of the world around him.

Isaac is eight years old and has a diagnosis of ASD. He is unaware of his special needs requirement but he does know that he can’t talk as well as his peers. At one point I didn’t think he was going to talk at all. The past six months has seen him open up more and feel comfortable making conversation with us. In fact he’s started talking quite a bit which is great.

Stepgates School and ASD Unit has been very helpful and I really want to help raise some money so the can build the swimming pool for the kids in mainstream and the kids in the special needs unit like Isaac.

We have a fund raising page set up where you can donate as much of your hard earned cash as you like.

Calorie Burning Results

During their one hour slot the seventeen members who came down on the day burnt a total of 10,498kcal. Some stayed on one machine some used a variety of machines. The members who burnt the most calories on individual machines were as follows in the breakdown below….

£1307.07 to Stepgates UnitJade on Concept2 RowerOne Hour SkiERG
Concept 2 Rower - Most Calories Burnt During Event

Best Male – Concept 2 Rower – Dave McCarthy – 897kcal
Best Female – Concept 2 Rower – Michelle Ryder – 670kcal


Concept 2 SkiErg - Most Calories Burnt During Event

Best Male – SkiErg – Paul Elliott-Smith – 899kcal
Best Female – N/A

Wattbike Pro - Most Calories Burnt During Event

Best Male – Wattbike – John Tims – 1180kcal
Best Female – Wattbike – Jade Spaven – 327kcal

Schwinn Airdyne - Most Calories Burnt During Event

Best Male – Schwinn Airdyne – Andy Fisher – 173kcal
Best Female – Schwinn Airdyne – Hannah Boyton – 178kcal

Best Total Calories Burnt in One Hour - Male & Female

Best Total Male – John Tims – 1180kcal
Best Total Female – Jade Spaven – 710kcal

Come and help us raise money for ASD

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