Non-contact boxing skills & pad work led by Billy Allington

BoxFit in Staines


What is BoxFit?

Boxfit is a cardiovascular, strength endurance and explosive power workout completed in a one hour class. You can expect various styles of boxing training in the BoxFit class. The BoxFit class focuses on non-contact boxing drills such as, skipping, padwork, footwork, core work, boxing fitness, fat loss and muscle toning.


Who’s it for?

BoxFit is for everyone. It teaches disapline, self defence, endurance and strength training using your own boby weight.


What should I wear?

Wear comfortable gym clothing like t-shirt or vest and shorts or tracksuit bottoms or leggings and trainers.


What do you do in the session?

  • Warm up – Drills to get your heart rate up and ready to train. Your body will be warmed up and you will do some stretches to become more mobile.
  • Skipping – Grab a skipping rope or jump rope and get ready for more boxing drills
  • Pad Work – Grab a partner. One partner uses boxing pads while the other puts on the gloves. You’ll learn punch combinations and boxing techniques including footwork. You then swap roles with your partner.  A great fully body work out and stress release!!
  • Strength & Conditioning – Sit-ups, press-ups, medballs, slam balls, sprints and core work make up some for the workout.
  • Cool down – Stretching and light skipping.
  • Heavy Weights 10%
  • Cardio 80%
  • Boxing Skills 80%
  • Body Weight & Core Strength 70%
  • Overall benefit to health 100%
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