You need more sexy in your life…

Are you lacking a bit of sexy? You haven’t said anything but you are just a bit… I can tell, and so can everyone else x


I myself and currently FULL of sexy…. absolutely exploding with the bloody stuff!?


There’s only one reason I am full of exploding sexy and that is the NEW clothing line of WHITE NOISE GYM and CROSSFIT STAINES apparel which I’ve been sporting.


We have vests, tank tops, fitted t-shirts, triblend t-shirts and sweaters in mens and womens sizes; please come down and see if you like anything before they’ve all gone. There’s a few on the wall and loads more upstairs in the office.


T’s and V’s are £20 and sweaters are £30.


Please bring cash to pay for the sexy goods.


See you soon,




07462 019718