White Noise Training Programme

At White Noise Gym we focus on big compound lift/movements because this is the way to get strong, its proven, its tested, we don’t need to rewrite the rule book. The members at White Noise Gym have been working on their big lifts now on a 9 week cycle this coming month so will be tested on their 1RM’s soon.

We then go into another strength cycle which again will last for nine weeks and again they’ll be tested at the end of it. If they stick to the programme they will be stronger and fitter each test session. This takes the gyms programme up to September. If you’d like to try out the facility now is the ideal time to.

The following months are pretty much laid out as follows…

Monday – Deadlift
Tuesday – Strength Upper – Olympic Weightlifting
Wednesday – Squatting
Thursday – Olympic Weightlifting – Boxing
Friday – Conditioning WOD
Saturday – Strongman
Sunday – Olympic Weightlifting


The strength programme will build strength in three ways. Maximal – Explosive – Endurance.

There will be CrossFit conditioning within the strength programme, which will complement the strength element that day.

There will more CrossFit Girl WOD’s, more Hero WOD’s and more CrossFit Mainsite WOD’s as well as strength work in % of 1RM.


This is the White Noise Gym programme and it’s coached in groups of a maximum up to eight. If you’s like to give it a try you have one day to sign up for FIVE FREE sessions via this LINK.




The White Noise Gym Team