BBQ Friday & C&J Competition Saturday

This weekend we have fun and games and lots of jokes…


WOD & Sausages – Start with an optional workout at 18:30 and then at 19:30 eat lots of BBQ’d food from our oil drum BBQ and drink lots of beer, cider and jagerbombs. It’s Paride’s and Andreea’s fault as they somewhere along the line decided to get born around the same time of year!? The festivities may go on for a long time for as we get more and more drunk… no doubt we’ll be playing house music and perhaps even some D&B or even a tiny bit of punk and then eventually dancing in slow motion.

If you don’t fancy coming for training, I’ll be drinking as soon as I can so come down and keep me company while I burn all the food while they all train.

Members, wives, husbands & friends of members are all invited to attend this BBQ. You can also bring down anyone you think may like to join, you know the score.


Clean & Jerk Competition in Woking. Please come down and support the legend Howard Ching and the legend in the making Ciara Mac. Alistair Slark will also be there throwing some weight around for the White Noise CrossFit Staines Team.

Kristian McPhee is rumoured to be in attendance. He’ll be swaning around in his cravat and spats. He likes to dress in clothes from different centuries at the same time when he’s out in public and not wearing his favourite leotard.

Love you lots

White Noise Gym