The Rules…

Good morning lover…


We’re going to change the rules a little bit at the gym which are as follows…


The Eight Person Rule

Strictly 8 people per session for the time being  – apart from the 1830 TFI-Friday session which will be open for 12.


Training With Friends Who Aren’t Members

If you’re bringing your friends to the open gym who aren’t members they HAVE TO PAY. With no exceptions, its only £5! The old month free promo membership and current five session free card does not entitle them to free open gym. Please also ping me a text or email or message to let me know your bringing a non-member into the gym with their name and email.


Using Open Gym on Free Promo Membership

New members on a free promo are more that welcome to use the 24/7 open gym but please let me know you’re going to use it and it’s £5 a go. Please pay cash.


PT-ing In The Gym

If you’re a PT and using the gym for your clients the rates are as follows…


If you’re not paying a £35pcm OG Member of WNG it’s £10ph

If you are paying a £35pcm OG Membership of WNG it’s £5ph


White Noise Gym Apparel

We have a few items left in stock which are now all hanging on the wall above the white boards, as always they’re limited edition and are not being re-run or printed. If you want one or more of the coveted items please let me know and I can sort you out a vest, tank top, t-shirt or sweater.


Vests & T’s are £20

Sweaters are £30


Please pay in cash. If you have taken an item and you still need to pay please can you square me up the cash ASAP.


Promotion of White Noise Gym

Guys and girls, this is more of a request than a rule. If your training here and enjoying it and posting things on social media about how buff you are and how much your loving it please tag in the gym, it helps us get free promotion and gets the name about.


Likewise, if you’re in competition please use the gym name for any team, partner or individual events you may have coming up. White Noise Gym, CrossFit Staines, WNG, White Noise etc… anything to show that you’re representing us on the leaderboards. When you’re crushing the competition I want people to know where you come from, I’m proud of everything you have achieved in the four walls of the box at the end of the day and want the facility to be recognised.




The Management