The little people…

Hello there,

Here are my thrilling family stories about the stars we know and love walking among us, the little people…

Jeremy Kyle

My daughter has been told off by Jeremy Kyle for running through Marks and Spencer’s in Windsor. After he told her off he refused to have photo’s taken. To my daughters and her friends chants of Jezzer he continued on with his food shopping. My daughter continued her game of ‘it’ with her friends unphased.

Barbara Windsor

Myself and my future wife met Barbara Windsor in a betting arcade in Brighton during a promotion when times were hard for bikini popping Babs.

The Queen

My wife experienced temporary hysteria when randomly spotting the Queen driving through London. Her wild screaming shocked our small children, passers by and the queen. The queen drove past and my wife was left bewildered and embarrassed about why she acted the way she did. To this date her actions are a mystery.

Russ Abbot

I once saw Russ Abbots son telling off a boy for scratching his Mercedes with his bike handle bars. The words “This is an expensive car pal” were said. He was then joined by Russ Abbot himself as they took the scared boys details in Virginia Water.

Frank Muir

I also once met Frank Muir in Thorpe and he told me a story.

Thanks, that about wraps up the ‘star’ stories for today but let us continue chatting about gym life…

This week at the gym is looking like this…


6am to 6pm Open Gym
6pm to 7pm CrossFit Start
7pm to 8pm CrossFit


6am to 6pm Open Gym
10am to 11am WOW CrossFit


6am to 6pm Open Gym
7pm to 8pm CrossFit


6am to 6pm Open Gym
10am to 11am WOW CrossFit
6pm to 7pm CrossFit – Session FULL
7pm to 8pm CrossFit – Session FULL


6am to 6pm Open Gym
6pm to 7pm TFI Friday CrossFit


8am to 4pm Open Gym
9:30am Hill Sprints St. Ann’s Hill


10am to 11am Strongman Sunday

New Deadlift Personal Bests in the Gym

Faye Deadlift 95kg
Ana Deadlift 92.5kg
Zoë T Deadlift 82.5kg
Paul E-S Deadlift 200kg

Well done all.


Paul Elliott-Smith
The White Noise Gym
The first real gym in Staines.

Staines Address: White Noise Gym, Unit 19, Tims Boat Yard, Tims Way, Staines, TW18 3JY

Outside Training Venue: St.Ann’s Hill, Chertsey, KT16 9NL