Staines gym is nearly finished

Good evening and I do hope your muscles are looking good,

Today at the gym refurbishment things are nearing completion. Emma, Annie, Ana & Mark all showed up to work on the project.

Mark went topsy turvy

Mark insisted on doing all the glossing, don’t know why; I think it’s because he’s from New Zealand and he’s spent so much time standing on his head…. as any sane person will know, glossing is a pain in the ass. Anyway, half way through the glossing he then started playing topsy turvy land saying he didn’t want to do the glossing but really he did, we knew he was just pretending so we joined in his funny game saying we all really wanted to do the glossing but really we didn’t at all. Then we all laughed but Mark didn’t, he just carried on with the glossing looking sad but really he was happy ‘cause he was all topsy turvy. When he finished the glossing he looked happy but really he was sad, so I gave him some more glossing to do which made him sad, which meant he was happy in his game. When he finished he said he wasn’t coming back tomorrow because I’d made him do glossing all day but he was still playing topsy turvy land so he is definitely coming back tomorrow. Nice one Mark and well done for keeping up the pretence all day, I couldn’t of done it.

Rubber floor

With the painting basically completed we started laying the rubber flooring which is now laid apart from the cuts. Good stuff.

More gear

With the gym filling up with gear by the day we await another delivery of gear. Will there be enough room to swing a cat in there when we’ve finished. We don’t know but we’ll get a cat and try it out that’s for sure.



Paint black wall

Touch up paint work

Finish cuts to floor

Receive delivery of gear



AM Build gear at Staines gym

PM Get gear from Chertsey and move to Staines


Tomorrow early start for anybody interested in coming down from 07:30am.



Paul Elliott-Smith
CrossFit Strongman, CrossFit Kids & LVL3 Personal Trainer
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