Online Booking is Live!

Welcome friends and foes to the weekly updates from White Noise Gym…

Online session booking

The online booking is live on the website. This has been made even easier by the White Noise Gym App which allows you to log in, book sessions, cancel sessions and to also track you workout progress.

To download the White Noise CrossFit app go here…

Then follow the installation instructions here…

This should download the gyms app to your smart phone.

Personal Bests

Well done to the Strongman Sunday gang who smashed their previous PB’s and also set some excellent benchmarks for their first session on farmers walk bars.Without doubt the best way to gain strength is a weekly dose of Srongman training.

Rob 220kg famers walk
Rich 190kg farmers walk
Faye 115kg farmers walk
Jade 115kg farmers walk

Extended open gym opening times in the evening

The automatic gates timer has been set to open at 6am and close at 7pm Monday to Friday. This allows uninterrupted access to the gym. You are more than welcome to start training at the gym at 7pm, you will then need the gate code to leave site as normal.

This change in time should allow for easier access to the gym and less people getting caught at the gate and needing to be buzzed in.

This weeks timetable looks like this…

6am to 6pm Open Gym
6pm to 7pm CrossFit Start
7pm to 8pm CrossFit

6am to 7pm Open Gym
10am to 11am WOW CrossFit

6am to 7pm Open Gym
7pm to 8pm CrossFit

6am to 7pm Open Gym
10am to 11am WOW CrossFit

6am to 6pm Open Gym
6pm to 7pm TFI Friday CrossFit

8am to 4pm Open Gym
9:30am Hill Sprints St. Ann’s Hill

10am to 11am Strongman Sunday


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The White Noise Gym
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