…lately I’ve been quite enjoying it

Hello, I’m here again lurking in your inbox, and I must say lately I’ve been quite enjoying it.

This week was quite a good week in the gym, some good sessions were nailed. There was a severe amount of muscle flexing, eye boggling in fact. I did find myself saying quite a bit, “Ohhhhh, those biceps make my eyes water, and don’t get me started on your triceps; absolutely magnificent”, to anybody that would listen. I did a lot of training just in my Speedo’s to feel like those body builders on the interwebs. It did start to catch on in the end, with more people coming in bronzed and in skimpy swimming costumes.

CrossFit FREE Trial

This week is the last week to let me know if you want to try the group sessions FREE for a month.

Personal Training

PT is full now, I can’t take any more people on. I would be interested to hear from you if you would like to boo in sessions in the future, still drop my an email.

PT This Week

If you are an existing client and you want PT this week then can you contact me asap to get it booked in.



6am to 9pm gym open for PT or exercising.

6pm to 7pm CrossFit Back- a session that’s CrossFit as hell. I’ll be taking it, obviously.



6am to 9pm gym open for PT, and exercising.

10am WOW CrossFit

6:30pm 7:30pm CrossFit Start

7:30pm 8:30pm CrossFit



6am to 9pm gym open for PT and training.



6am to 9pm gym open for PT and training.

9am to 10am WOW CrossFit – Just for chicks. I’ll be taking it, obviously.

7:30pm to 8:30pm CrossFit Start with Leo



6am to 7pm (last entry) gym open for PT and training.

5:30pm to 6:30pm TFI Friday – Thank Fuck It’s Friday, I’ll be fucking taking it, obviously



7am to 4pm last entry gym open for PT and training.



8:45am Vinyasa Flow Yoga – Hannah takes us again to the pleasure dome and back.



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