Just a Quickie

This is a quickie but also paradoxically a little bit of a longie. I have filled it full of the usual spelling mistakes so it’s a little bit difficult to read, enjoy!

This week has been a bit of a weird one. There has been a sickness bug floating around and a few people including myself have been feeling ill during training, which has not been great for any of us. Hopefully now we have seen the back of this sicky, shitty bug and we can get back to some proper training unhindered by the fear of changing our under-crackers halfway through the WOD’s or barfing onto the tarmac.

Lets roll….

Strongman Sunday 10am 20th October £5

We’ll be outside if it ain’t raining doing something amazing and incredibly tough. A great strength building session.

Tuesday WOD 22nd October 5pm £5

This Tuesday will be the last session I run on this day. The clocks go back the weekend after so it will be dark outside and I’ve decided to knock this on the head for the time being as on Tuesday’s we can’t use inside.

If you want to train on Tuesday evening please come to BoxFit that is run by Mark & Carl at the BIZ. This starts at at 7:30pm and is popular because it’s a well delivered and demanding. Cost £5.

Thursday Olympic Lifting 6:30pm Thursday 24th October £10

Sam, a lovely lady and English bronze medalist in Olympic Lifting has started a lifting club at the BIZ. The session was good last week, she had us doing squat cleans and we touched on snatches. Now there’s plenty of jokes to be had in that short sentence and touching snatches is one of them but I wouldn’t stoop that low as to say stupid stuff like that and actually write it down in a news letter. We will start a card system for this session for block bookings to secure numbers and give you a discount.

The £10 pays for two hours, the Olympic Lifting and a WOD session afterwards.

Thursday WOD 7:30pm Thursday 24th October £5

If you don’t want to learn the fine art of Olympic Lifting come along to the WOD afterwards. We’ll be having loads of fun flexing our muscles and looking into the mirrors. Just like we normally do.