Hilarity Slacking

I’ve been a little slack recently on my hilarious updates and I know, it’s not fair is it, I’ve neglected you. And you’re special, we’re all special in our own unique way.

There are some great things happening at the moment which should see you with access to a quality gym and some fantastic training at a very reasonable price. The main changes to the schedule will be dedicated gym access evenings when before we’ve had group. I’m also expanding the times the groups will run so we will eventually have multiple group sessions daily as the client base builds but also gym access to people who don’t necessarily want group sessions but still love a good free weight gym.

Gym membership

This is the first time a box with CrossFit affiliation has run a gym only membership and is an exciting development. We now have dedicated open gym access to the facility for £35pcm on the following times.

Monday – 6am to 9pm

Tuesday* – 6am to 7pm

Wednesday – 6am to 9pm

Thursday* – 6am to 7pm

Friday – 6am to 6pm

Saturday – 7am to 4pm

Sunday – Closed


*Tuesday & Thursday no access between 10am and 11am (women only)


CrossFit, Strongman & Olympic Weight Lifting Timetable.

Dedicated CrossFit group session evenings with memberships starting as little as £35pcm are as follows





On the above days we will be running multiple sessions every evening to satisfy demand.


Facility Now Available for Hire to PT’s

The facility is also being opened up for personal trainers in the area. If you are a personal trainer and need a first rate facility to train your clients please see the personal training rates HERE


Next sessions are…

Thursday 26th June

10:00am WOW CrossFit – just for women… you strange creatures.

7:30pm – CrossFit Start – Just for newbies and the first outing for Leo, probably the one of the finest CrossFit coaches I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. He constantly doing handstand walks, muscle ups and other amazing things you would normally just see at the CrossFit games.

8:30pm – Olympic Weight Lifting – Sam takes us through Olympic Lifting like the boss she is.


Friday 27th June

5:30pm – TFI Friday HERO’s – A vulgar session full of swearing, sweating and quite a bit of high fiving and butt slapping. If that doesn’t sell you the session then nothing will will it?


Sunday 29th June

8:45am Vinyasa Yoga – Hannah bends everyone into wonderful stretching poses and we all board the bus to Shangri-La.

10:15am Strongman Sunday – Not just for men, for women as well. Lets all flex our big man muscles in the mirror, it doesn’t get more hetrosexual than this guys.


Paul Elliott-Smith
The White Noise Gym
The first real gym in Staines.