Hello Special Pants

Have you missed me?

I’ve been off for the last week crying and sleeping and trying to pretend I’m on holiday, in the rain, in my own house, with my five children, and their numerous greedy friends with a broken dishwasher. Believe me when I say it’s going to be good to get back, because… I fucking mean it.

Now I’m restructuring slightly and this will probably take the rest of September to implement but we will have the following developments…

  • CrossFit on five nights a week Monday to Friday.
  • CrossFit starting early mornings.
  • CrossFit Kids Saturday morning.
  • Yoga & CrossFit Strongman Sunday morning.
  • More coaches for your training enjoyment
  • Specific conditioning sessions which will include more running
  • A White Noise CrossFit Team to go to CrossFit comps and support to individuals who wish to do this

I’ll keep you unto date with the new schedule as it’s put together and email you out at the weekend.

Personal Training

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