!!Happy New Year!!

Welcome to Wednesday 2014. Funny day to start a new year on really, would have been much better on a Monday.

Now, you’ll probably be reading this email in one of two states. I’m not talking directly to our international holidaying or american friends here I’m talking more about ‘state of mind’. You may of had the self-control, the reserve, or been festively saintly, not letting your world crumple into a pile of festive nonsense this Xmas. You may not have spent all your money and more on christmas presents, crying into your third bottle of Bailey’s and buried your face into tray after tray of buttery mince pies. You may of kept training; running, lifting weights or you may of forgot any of that ridiculous training stuff happened back in 2013. I mean what the f*ck were we all doing? Jumping, he made us jump, up high, until we smashed our shins in… Really?! It’s all so far way now anyway, it’s a distant memory and I feel like a different person….

But that’s it isn’t it, you feel like a different person too. There’s so much more of you to hold now, so much more to love. Folds of fleshy skin drape down over the top of your jeans like meaty bedroom curtains. Some of you, the ones we shall not name will not be able to fit into your 2013 jeans opting instead for new tracksuit bottoms that you had to walk to Tesco’s in Addlestone half naked to buy. Hiding embarrassed and in shame behind holly bushes and bunches of berryless, discarded mistletoe, as you gingerly picked your way through a sparsely populated high street of drunks and pregnant teens, towards what would be your salvation; the XL size tracksuits on Level 1.

But I’m not talking about just feeling different physically I’m also talking mentally. Physically yes, you may feel like a slug in slow motion but mentally you’re a slow motion slug in the fog. It’s awful to bear witness too. Laughing five minutes too late at jokes in social situations, when the conversation’s moved on, when the people you were talking too have actually left the room. Squinting though sleep filled eyes every morning in your bedroom at 11:30am wondering how the hell you’re going to be able to get up for work at 6am when the working week kicks in again….

This is where I come in.

No, naughty, not into your bedroom…. With the following 2014 training updates that if you partake, will refresh your mind body and soul….

New Personal Training Offer for 2014

New clients who wish to receive PT get 10 personal training sessions for £150 which must be booked in for at least one session a week. You can do five a week if you like, it’s your call.

TFI Friday 3rd January £5

CrossTraining so bloody brilliant if you are consistent with training you’ll loose so much fat and become so fit you’ll be the envy of all your friends. This week we have the 300 workout for all you Spartans out there. So cool.

Strongman Sunday 5th January £5

Spurred on by the daily coverage of Worlds Strongest Man we will be having a little strongman session that promises to blow away all those turkey laced cobwebs that may lurking around.

Women’s Only CrossTraining Monday 6th January & Thursday 9th January £5

Something that won’t make you Cross, something to make you Fit. Not sure what we could call it, you decide.

Hill Sprint Club Tuesday 7th January 10am £FREE

Our weekly sprints in a XC style up the side of St.Ann’s Hill resume.

Olympic Lifting Workshop Thursday 9th January £10

Sam Balchin, our favourite female olympic lifter of all time invites you back to the gym to work on your olympic lifting. How could you say no?

TFI Friday 10th January £5

A workout only bettered by a good old fashioned flogging. A workout so hard even I, a man, am sometimes nervous around it and how muscly it is.

Yoga News

In 2014 yoga will start being delivered in the gym. It will be the perfect way to unwind and improve flexibility. I will keep you posted on developments.

CrossFit Affiliation News

I’m setting up a box in the area, I’ve been given the okay to proceed but need a name. I’ve suggested about ten so far to CrossFit HQ, all have been knocked back. I refuse to call the gym something boring like ‘CrossFit Chertsey’ but also don’t really want ‘CrossFit Rage-Machine’ or whatever else they seem to call themselves so it’s proving to be really difficult to get a name. Quite annoying if I’m honest!

An Interesting Thing

Every week now I will introduce you to and interesting thing from my world. It may not be your thing but I find it quite interesting so you might too. It also won’t always be related to health and fitness ’cause I’m also interested in other things.

This week I would suggest you read ‘Eat Stop Eat’ by Brad Pilon. A great ebook on Intermittent Fasting.

Check it out here

Hope to see you back in 2014, and please bring your friends.


Paul Elliott-Smith
CrossFit Kids Trainer
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Strongman Trainer
Advanced LVL3 Personal Trainer