Haggis Poem

So here we are in the middle of January and I can’t help but think it’s a little bit shit isn’t it? The only bonus is that it’s only eight days until Burns night, a fantastic Scottish night where I traditionally swallow a gluten free Haggis whole like a bloated tablet and sip a wee dram of whiskey with my best mate Rabbie. He, he, he, everyone knows a Rabbie…. Rabbie, Rabbie, Rabbie.

Rabbie a true scotsman, kilt no undies, once told me the Scottish poem about the origins of the haggis. It (the haggis) apparently was born from the unholy and deadly union between a rabbit and a goat. I’ve never forgotten the poem or Rabbie, who was named after the rabbit in this dark ode to the haggis…

Rabbie the Rabbit,
The Rabbit monger.
Stealer of wind swept rabbit kisses.
High on the heath stalked a lonely goat,
A shadow of a goat
A rabbit hanging from his throat.
Death by the paws of a vicious rabbit.
Rabbie, Rabbie, Rabbie.
Cloven hoofs twitching,
A four leafed clover.
Buck teeth tearing the under udder.
Enter the haggis,
Beautiful haggis,
We just witnessed the birth of a haggis.

Yes, I must admit it is a rare piece of poetry and quite spell binding with the beautiful imagery it conjures in just those few lines. Now lets take a moment to think about that poor goat before we move on to this weeks newsletter….

Thank you.