Gooooood evening beauty face

Another week down, muscles looking good and nice to see Christmas adverts appearing on TV. We’re all heading to oblivion folks albeit a rather ripped and muscly one, lets head there together.

Personal Training

The PT week is crammed full, there is some afternoon space and evening space but at the present time mornings are tight. If you haven’t booked in this week’s PT can you email me asap so we can get it in please. If you want to take advantage of the 10xPT sessions for £150 please email me to book them in.

CrossFit Offer

CrossFit is going well at the gym, so well in fact there’s two more sessions on this week on Monday 6pm and Tuesday 6:30pm. The CrossFit offer, probably the best CrossFit offer ever is still running, newbies get one month FREE and are under no obligation to continue after the months free session have come to an end.

The coming week looks like this…


6am to 9pm gym open for PT, ravin or exercising.

6pm to 7pm CrossFit sexy time – a session that’s basically just for all the sexy people. I’ll be taking it, obviously.



6am to 9pm gym open for PT, and exercising of all shapes and sizes.

10am WOW CrossFit is NOT on this Tuesday

6:30pm 7:30pm CrossFit

7:30pm 8:30pm CrossFit Beast – a session for all the beasts. I’ll be taking it obviously.



6am to 9pm gym open for PT and training.



6am to 9pm gym open for PT and training.

10am to 11am WOW CrossFit – Just for chicks. I’ll be taking it, obviously.

7:30pm to 8:30pm CrossFit Start – A session with Hannah, a girl with all the talent.



6am to 7pm (last entry) gym open for PT and training.

5:30pm to 6:30pm TFI Friday – Thank Fuck It’s Friday, I’ll be fucking taking it, obviously



7am to 4pm last entry gym open for PT and training.



8:45am Vinyasa Flow Yoga – Hannah takes us again to the pleasure palace.

10:15am Strongman Sunday – Like CrossFit but with bells on. Dangling hairy bells. I’ll be ringing the hairy bell, come and here it ding.


Love you,

Paul Elliott-Smith
The White Noise Gym
The first real gym in Staines.