Good afternoon you little CrossFit competition ho’

Good afternoon you little CrossFit competition ho’


Are you there now day dreaming at work slumped over your keyboard yearning to become better at the CrossFit comps you’re entering?


Can you smell the wallball as it bounces off the target but you, you little old butter fingers you keep catching it with your face instead of your hands because your eyes are full of tears because you should be an absolute fxxking beast by now and you’re not….




We have the answer. The session you have been seeking. Where you can go bonafidely absolutely bloody ballistic. Where you can learn the skills necessary for full blown comps as a single, pair or team.


Welcome to…. Competitors Sesh.


It’s where Coach OCM rules. A coach so FXXKING GOOD he doesn’t even have a name; He became an acronym the second time he got into the final at Tribal Clash, back in 2018.


WTF is Competitors Sesh??? Find out HERE!


First session is this Sunday at 10am. Expected to last up to 2hrs.


Everyone welcome.