CrossFit Chertsey

Just a quick CrossFit update for you…

CrossFit has agreed to licence CrossFit Chertsey to me as an affiliate.

I have signed the contractual agreement with CrossFit HQ and have purchased the domain.

I wasn’t 100% sure on the name as you may know but for a few different reasons I won’t bore you with have decided to go with it for now.

I’m not going to be able in the future to run things all on my own and will be operating an in-house training policy. This basically means I would like the people who come to the gym and train regularly to consider if they would like to be involved more than they are now. I will be asking trainee’s to help me with demo’s more now in 2014 and I would also like regular trainee’s to think about applying for CrossFit LVL1 qualifications if this is something that they are interested in doing.

I now have to put £1828 of my money where my mouth is for the privilege of owning the CrossFit Chertsey label for one year.