CrossFit Affiliation

Hello there,

I hope you’re not sweating in out in some heat filled dungeon that you used to call your lounge as your reading this… I am actually, as I’m writing this and it’s not pretty… not pretty at all.

…Anyway, lets get started and I promise I’ll keep the spam emails to a minimum…

CrossFit Affiliation
I’ve applied for affiliation with CrossFit USA which ‘to cut a long story short’ will have Paleo Training Bible listed on the main CrossFit website as a registered club and we’ll be able to use the ‘CrossFit’ branding to our hearts content. This process can take a several weeks until we are given the okay so we wait with baited breath…

CrossFit Kids
The National Lottery have approved the grant application to implement a CrossFit Kids Course starting in October 2013. The grant application will cover advertising fee’s and a wall rig plus other fees so it’s all good. Fantastic in fact.

The CrossFit Kids course runs in three six week term-time blocks starting in October with a one 1hr session running per week after school on Thursdays. We will be teaching and training with the CrossFit foundational movements plus we’ll have specialist coaches in Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics and Parkour coming into the facility on certain days so it should be good fun.

New Revised Class Times
I have revised the class times again due to the influx of people requesting personal training. Please see below for Work Out of-the Day (WOD) class times, there are now no early 06:30am class sessions…

Monday – Open WOD – 09:30 to 10:30

Thursday – Open WOD – 09:30 to 10:30

Friday – Benchmark Girl or Hero WOD – 16:30 to 19:30

Sunday – Strongman WOD – 10:00 to 11:00

All sessions are drop in and £5

Personal Training Offer Still Running
Firstly I’d like to say thanks to the people who have already booked on for Personal Training (PT) sessions since I started running the FIVE FREE sessions offer and the rate of £30 p/h thereafter.

I’m still running the above offer so if you would like to gain strength & loose body fat please email me at to book your sessions asap.

RegardsPaul Elliott-Smith
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer & LVL3 Advanced Personal Trainer