Bobby Dazzler

Good afternoon you handsome devil you,

I think you could be best described as a ‘Bobby Dazzler’, yes you could… come here and you can kiss my hand.

Well that was a bit weird wasn’t it, or was it?… I just can’t tell anymore.

Anyway…. moving on, well done to the girls for doing so well in this mornings CrossFit ‘Domantrix’ WOD, it was a bit of a bitch and definitely wasn’t taking no for an answer but it was definitely smashed and in style, great stuff.

PT Sessions

Thanks to the new PT clients who have recently taken me up on my May only offer in the new gym of ten sessions £200. I can’t wait to get started and see where we can go.

New Group Timetable


10:00 WOW CrossFit (Women Only)

15:30 CrossFit Kids – (Ages 11 to 13 or Ability)

19:30 CrossFit



10:00 WOW CrossFit (Women Only)

15:30 CrossFit Kids – (Ages 14 to 16 or Ability)

19:30 CrossFit Start – A good place to start if you’re new

20:30 Olympic Lifting with Sam English Bronze Medalist



17:30 TFI Friday CrossFit



10:00 Strongman Saturday




Platinum Membership

£95pcm -Four WOD’s a week & pre-booked gym access 9am to 3pm (£5.48 per session)


Gold Membership

 – 3 WODs a week (£5.81per session)


Silver Membership

£55pcm – 
2 WODs a week (£6.35 per session)


Bronze Membership

£35pcm – 1 WOD a week. (£8.13per session)


Pay as you go adult CrossFit/Strongman/OlympicLifting £10 per session

Pay as you go CrossFit Kids £6 per session (or use of WOD’s from parents monthly membership)



Paul Elliott-Smith
CrossFit Strongman, CrossFit Kids & LVL3 Personal Trainer
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