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We have reached the end of an era. Strongman Sunday today was my last session at the BIZ Runnymede in Chertsey and to be completely honest I’m quite glad and raring to get the new gym up and running. Now that’s not to say that the recent process hasn’t been a little annoying and overwhelming at times. Mid-week last week was a low point, I was generally thinking, ‘FFS, help me I am still in the middle of a building site’ and I had also quite an anxious day towards the end of the week after drinking five shots of coffee. At this time I was thinking, ‘What the f*ck have I done, this project is never going to work, I’m ruined, RUINED. You’ve had some f*cking stupid ideas in the past but this, this one takes the crown, you moronic bastard’

Well, hahaha…. I can laugh about it now, hahahahahaaaaa….hmmmmmm

Now I’ve been blessed with lots of offers of help this week which I really do appreciate so I’m letting you know what’s occurring over the next five days. The main bulk of the work the week just gone has been the strip out. It has taken me longer to strip out that I first thought because of the amount of materials that had to be removed, tonnes.

The rough plan is as follows…



Delivery of Vulcan rubber flooring. There are 40 mats and each matt is 6’x4’ and weighs 44kg. They need to be moved inside.

Delivery of Cardio Equipment

Skip Collected

Floor adhesive scraped off the concrete floor.

Female toilet suite removed

Horizontal soil pipe removed

Plasterboard on far end wall removed ready to install new waste pipe for shower

Various holes filled in walls

Waste Pipe Installed

New Stop Cock installed in building

Low level electric ring removed



Plaster board installed on far wall and plaster board skimmed

High level beams cleaned of dust

Walls filled if required & sanded

Wooden beams cut

New light installed



Toilet painted

All main gym walls painted white

Drinking fountain installed



Black border painted to bottom of walls around gym

Rubber floor Installed



Rubber floor finished

Air conditioning tested

Estimated CrossFit equipment delivery TBC



Remove kit from BIZ and install in Unit 19

New kit installed TBC



New Kit installed TBC






That’s basically about it. It may change daily but all the above stuff needs to be done this week. If you want to come for an hour or a full day come between the hours of 9am to 5pm. Thanks.


Paul Elliott-Smith
CrossFit Strongman, CrossFit Kids & LVL3 Personal Trainer
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