Full Moon Party

TFFI Friday Sessions – 23rd August – 5pm & 6pm – £4

We’re at the end of the week now folks and we’ve been tormented by the full moon. Sleepless nights, unexplained happenings and lunacy in general has plagued or very existence.

Come and get back to reality with a nastily put together WOD just for your enjoyment.
The Friday session is just £4

CrossFit Strongman Course – CrossFit Clitheroe

I will be leaving you all lying on the grass on Friday and getting straight into my car and driving up to Clitheroe in the North of England to take the CrossFit Strongman course that’s being held on Saturday. It should be good fun and will involve technique and training for all kinds of Strongman lifts and events. This will be put straight into our Strongman Sunday sessions.

Sunday Strongman Boy’s v Girl’s – 25th August – 10am – £5

Fresh from a Strongman course in Clitheroe I will bring you updated strongman shenanigans to crush your very soul.
In a nice way; that’s scaleable….
We’ll be putting into practice some proper Strongman/Strongwoman teamwork at the Paleo Training Bible sessions this Sunday so come prepared to shift some heavy weight. Your team is going to depend on you, so come prepared to work hard.

When is a Gym a Box?

The old redundant school wall bars that the BIZ have clung onto for far too long are being taken down in the next couple of weeks to make way for some more kit in the gym. We will have some nice wall bars suitable for all types of pull ups, kipping pull up etc. We will also be adding a fine selection of olympic rings to the gym very soon.

Olympic Lifting Starts September

I aim to have an English bronze medal holding Olympic Lifting coach working fortnightly in the gym for small group sessions. Each session will last one hour and will cost £10 each. This will be hands on teaching, form and technique with a pro. I spoke to Sam last week, she seems keen and so am I to push this forward and have this as a permanent addition to our timetable.

Thursday Evenings

I am now running Thursday evening sessions for PT or group PT. This is a way of allowing anybody who want’s to do any cross training sessions outside of Friday’s and Sunday’s to get in the gym at a reasonable cost. The sessions are running 5pm, 6pm and 7pm. Each session cost’s £30 for the hour and will be split equally between who wants to come. Email or FB message me to get your place booked.

Holiday Next Week

I’m away next week so all PT and Strongman Sunday will not be on but TFI Friday will be. I have left Mark a WOD for you to do in my absence. Can you please take a picture or two that I can add to my website.