9kg Kettlebell

Firstly good morning, hope you’re good secondly this is a group email so don’t get arsey when I ask what I’m going to ask because I’m asking everyone.


Don’t come into the gym telling me how rude I am. Because one, I do not care and two get a grip on your fragile ego.


A 9kg kettlebell has been taken out of the gym. One of the members has nicked something.


I need to explain something and hope its absolutely crystal clear, when something is taken out of the gym to me its like you’ve stolen from my home. I HATE IT.


It’s not the cost of the item. Its the principle of the act. You have a key code and can come and go as you please so don’t help yourself to the kit in the gym just like I wouldn’t come into your house and help myself to some of your plates because I was having a dinner party. You can always buy more plates you tight b’stard.


So if you’ve taken the 9kg kettlebell return it, because your behaviour is making you look like a twat….


And because I’ve got HD CCTV in the gym.





PS. If you haven’t got light fingers this emails not for you