Pre WOD: 100 press-ups per person. Divide the work as needed. 12 min cap. Then Strength… 1. Floor press – Max Effort Warm up sufficiently then work up to a 1 rep max for the day. Remember the idea is not to go until failure but to go until you hit the heaviest weight you feel like you can perform on this day. 2. Floor Press – Rest / Pause You will not need to warm up for this as you are simply dropping the weight from the first movement. Lower the bar weight to 75% of what you just hit and perform 3 sets for max reps with 15 sec rest between. Main WOD: With a partner… 10 (230kg) tire flips as a pair or 5 flips per person. 200m run 5...


Lift Like A Grrrrrl A) 1000m SkiERG Fartlek Strength 1a) Bench 5×5 1b) Chin Ups 5×3 Tempo 51×1 Conditioning Five rounds of…. Rope Climb Ladder 1-2-3-4-5 (increasing each round) 20 KB Swings...


TFI Friday Group Session 12AMRAP 5 Deadlifts 10 Push Jerks 15 Box Jumps


This mornings workout was Yoke Total. Max effort on… Traditional Yoke Carry Zercher Yoke Carry Overhead Yoke Carry Well done all. PB’s for everyone.


This mornings training… 1) Back Squats 3 X 5 2) Tabata This WOD Tabata Row/Ski Tabata Squats Tabata Pull-Ups Tabata Sit-Ups