Strongman Saturday 1) Yoke Carry – Build up to a 1RM twenty meter carry for the day. 2) Suicide Squad WOD – EMOM 30mins (10 X 3min rounds) 1st minute – 3 strict pull ups, 6 press ups, 9 air squats 2nd minute – 3 stones to shoulder AHAP 3rd minute – Russian KB Swing 36/24 increasing reps KB swing reps each round…...


Tuesday morning squad… 1) Work up to a heavy Prowler Push for today – Well done Zoë for your PB. 2) The BIZ Three rounds for time… 400m Run (or row) 21 Kettlebell Swings 12 Burpees


Monday morning training… 1) Concept2 Row 5 minutes easy 2) Barbell Beginners Bear Complex… Hang Clean Front Squat Push Press Back Squat Behind the Neck Push Press. 3) Stones & SkiErgs Five rounds for time of… 200m SkiERG 2 Atlas Stones to Shoulder Well done...


SkiErg Workout 7 x 1min / 30 sec easy Ski seven 1 minute pieces at a stroke rate of 40-44. Ski for 30 seconds at light pressure between each piece.


Strongman Saturday This is the training White Noise Gym was built on 5 rounds for time — 250m skierg or row AHAP 3 stones to shoulder at BW Then… Team Tire Flip Kalsu – Men V’s Women Every minute on the minute complete 5 burpees During the balance of the minute complete as many tire flips as possible. Repeat this process until you complete 100 tire flips as a team of...