Today’s training… Foundation Strength Back squats 3×5 Strict Press 3×5 Deadlift 5RM Metcon Prison Burpees: 20-1 Burpee ladder. Complete 20 burpees then walk across the gym. Then do 19 burpees and walk back across the gym. Then complete 18 burpees. Keep following this pattern until you are finish the entire 20-1 ladder. It is 210 total...


Strength Strict Press 3×5 Push Press 3×3 Split Jerk or Push Jerk 3×1 Conditioning: 5 rounds for time… 20 KBS 24/16 20 Box Jump 24/20 20 Pull Ups


5 Rounds of… 10 DU 10 Air Squats 10 Leg Raises Strength Build up to a heavy yoke carry Metcon For time… 100 rep bench @ 50% 1RM… But every time you need to stop 200m on Rower or SkiERG.


This morning’s workout (WOD)… Start warm up with… 1000m SkiERG Then… Three rounds of (plus the a,b,c each round)… 5 wall squats 10 air squats 10m Lunges A) 10 Goblet Squats B) 10 dumbbell thrusters C) 10 Wallballs to target Then activate with… 5EMOM 3 box jumps max height Then strength with… Death by back squat 10EMOM 40kg 1st minute one back squat, second minute two, third minute three etc until you die or reach ten minutes Then conditioning & volume… SkiERG calories (accumulating 10c per round) & Wallball ladder for time 10c 10WB 20c 9WB 30c 8WB 40c 7WB 50c…and so on until… 100c...


Warm-up Tummy Tuck Workout 9EMOM 1st min – 10 Dumbbell Snatches (5 each side) 2nd min – 20 DU + 10 sit-ups 3rd min – 6 T2B Strength Death by Chin-Up (Strict any style) No f**king kip 1st min = 1 chin up 2nd min = 2 chin ups 3rd min = 3 chin ups 4th min… You get the picture? Conditioning 20EMOM 1st Min- Mindy = 3Pull Ups, 6Push Ups, 9Air Squats 2nd Min – 12 Box Jumps 30/24 **We’re using a higher than normal box, and strict pull ups. Band assist if...